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Data Management is the umbrella unit that manages various business applications hosted by the Office of Planning and Budget in benefit of the campus. Our mission is to translate and integrate data into information for use in analysis for campus decision making and in optimizing business processes.

The Data Management Team provides analytical, technical, and customer support for the following applications:

  • InfoView (a.k.a. Business Objects) for reporting from UCSC's Campus Data Warehouse (vendor)
  • FMW/Financial Managers Workbench for Permanent Budget and Staffing List preparation (vendor)
  • FacilitiesLink for building/room information (vendor)
  • Data Management projects extend beyond the boundaries of Planning and Budget sponsored applications to include broader campus information objectives including access policies, electronic distribution of information and coordination with other enterprise systems and campus systems.

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    InfoView will be offline Wednesday, May 7th from 12 Noon trough 12 Midnight for an O/S and Oracle update. Please note that FIS data will NOT load that night but will catch up the following night. If you have any questions please contact Data Management via email at data-mgmt@ucsc.edu.

    Configuration Needed with Java Version 7 Update 51
    Oracle has released Java Version 7 Update 51 for Macs and PCs. InfoView users with Report Writing access will need to configure the Jave Plugin in order for InfoView to work in Edit mode. Please click here for configuration instructions.

    For additional compatibility information please click here.

    SCiiPI has been disabled as of 2/25/13

    DWH Student Universe
    Last data loads from AIS:
      Third Week: Winter 2014
      End of Term: Fall 2013
      Degrees: Fall 2013

    DWH GSS Universe
    Last data loads:
      AIS Financial Aid: Fall 2013
      PPS Payroll: Fall 2013

    DWH Payroll Expense (DOPE)
    Anticipated data loads:
      DEC pay exp: 01/03/14
      JAN pay exp: 02/04/14
      FEB pay exp: 03/04/14
      MAR pay exp: 04/07/14
      APR pay exp: 05/05/14
      MAY pay exp: 06/03/14
      Also see Staff Human Resources'
       Biweekly Pay Administrators Toolkit

    DWH Steering Committee
    Next meeting April 22, 2014 [More