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The Institutional Research and Policy Studies (IRPS) unit of Planning and Budget is the primary office for the collection and analysis of statistical information regarding students, faculty, and staff. This information is used to support regular, ongoing, internal and external reviews. Additionally, IRPS conducts policy outcomes analyses that directly support the offices of the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor, and planners at all other levels of the campus.

Subjects of primary interest to the wider campus community that are maintained by IRPS include reports on:

  • Campus Enrollments - third week enrollment reports and enrollment projections;
  • Faculty & Staff - faculty rosters, and profiles, research activities and staff profiles;
  • Instructional Activity - instructional load summaries, course audit reports, student credit hour reports, and class size reports;
  • Students - Common Data Set initiative (standardized national data collection used for college guidebooks), retention and graduation, student characteristics, student degree and major reports;
  • Student Surveys - findings from student surveys including the admitted, new, and enrolled, students as well as recent graduates.
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