Planning Documents and Other Resources

Campus Planning Documents

UCSC Silicon Valley Center

  • The UC Portal for Silicon Valley (Public Information Office, 2001)

Graduate Education at UC

  • Innovation and Prosperity at Risk: Investing in Graduate Education to Sustain California's Future - Commission on the Growth and Support of Graduate Education (UCOP, 9-01)
  • Regents' item (and attachments) on the commission report (UCOP, 9-01)
  • Making Discovery Work - A report on graduate education at UC (UCOP, 1999)

Research at UC

Enrollment Planning at UC

  • An Enrollment Issues Handbook (UCOP, Fall 2001)
  • Undergraduate Instruction and Faculty Teaching Activities (UCOP, April 2001)
  • Programs to Assist Students to Graduate Within Four Years (UCOP, October 2000)
  • UC policy of freshman eligibility in the local context (e.g., admitting the "top 4 percent" of each high school) (Regents, 3-19-99)
  • Educating the Next Generation of Californians in a Research University Context: University of California Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollment Planning Through 2010, February 1999

State-supported Summer Term

  • Report on Summer 2001 Instruction at the University of California (UCOP, 11-01)
  • Policies, Regulations and Expectations for State-Supported Summer Instruction (UCOP)
  • Richard Atkinson to Chancellors regarding fee structure for expanded summer program (11-22-00)
  • Fee Policies Related to Expanded Summer Instruction (UCOP, 11-22-00)
  • The Feasibility of Year-Round Instruction Within the University of California, April 2000

Academic Support Services

UC Systemwide Planning Documents

  • "A Five-Year Report to The Regents" by President Richard Atkinson (a January 2001 progress report on nine goals for the University of California)
  • New Partnership Agreement with the University of California (UCOP, 5-19-00)

Other Planning Documents

  • CPEC Report 00-01: Providing for Progress: California Higher Education Enrollment Demand and Resources into the 21st Century (2/2000) [ Report Summary | Full Report ]
  • Options for Expanding Enrollment Capacity at the University of California, March 1999
  • Shared Responsibility (The California Higher Education Policy Center, 1996)