2001 Long-Range Plan

Campus Long-Range Planning and Resource Allocation Process
As UC embarks on a trajectory of profound growth, UC Santa Cruz has a unique opportunity to shape its future. Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Simpson has asked for long-range plans from each dean and vice chancellor that outlines the programs and strategic direction envisioned for their division by 2005-06 and by 2010-11. These divisional plans will be reviewed widely and refined during the 2000-02 academic years.

Keep apprised of this long-range planning and resource allocation process by visiting this page or any of the following campus web sites:

  • Provost's Advisory Council (PAC). In order to foster improved communication among the individuals and groups involved in planning and to better integrate those efforts, the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (EVC) has established a number of key planning groups. Agendas, meeting notes, and resource materials are posted.
  • Budget Office. Planning and Budget provides the Chancellor, Campus Provost and EVC, and principal officers with fiscal management, space management, planning and analytical support for the campuswide long-range planning process. Information about and a timetable for the 2000-02 planning and resource allocation processes can be found on that site.
  • Currents online. The campus' weekly on-line periodical will make note of significant milestones for and publish summaries of decisions coming out of the campus' long-range planning process.

This site will serve as a repository for the key planning and resource documents.

Planning Submissions
Deans and vice chancellors will submit executive summaries of their divisional plans (including programs planned for the Silicon Valley Center and an expanded State-supported summer quarter) by March 15, 2001. Any related 2001-02 resource requests and faculty recruitment proposals are due March 30, 2001. Finalized plans are due December 3, 2001.

Executive Summary
(March 2001)
Final Plan (December 2001)
Arts Division Arts Arts
Humanities Division Humanities Humanities
Natural Sciences Division NatSci NatSci
School of Engineering Engineering Engineering
Social Sciences Division SocSci SocSci
Graduate Studies Grad Grad
Undergraduate Education UGEduc UGEduc
University Extension/Summer Session UNEXSS
Library Library Library
Office of Research Research Research
Business and Administrative Services BAS BAS
Campus Provost Units Provost Provost
Student Affairs Division StudAff StudAff
University Relations UnivRelns UnivRelns

These plans will be discussed (and advice and feedback provided) within the Provost's Advisory Council and its committees, by Senate advisory committees, and campuswide through spring quarter 2002.

Commentary on Divisional Executive Summaries
As part of the spring quarter 2001 review process, the following analyses/review were submitted:

The executive summaries were also discussed at three PAC meetings:

In addition, the following summaries were prepared by the Office of Planning and Budget:

Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Simpson prepared an update and context for the planning process as of spring 2001, an overview of the issues related to the growth and programs anticipated in the divisional executive summaries, and some general guidance for principal officers on the development of their comprehensive December 2001 submittals:

After reviewing the final divisional plans, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Simpson prepared an update that provides feedback and puts forward ideas and directions intended to provoke the campus to think broadly and strategically about its future:

As a capstone to the campus' two-year planning process, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Simpson prepared an overview of the major priorities emerging from the divisional plans and campuswide discussions along with specific actions to be taken, highlights of key aspects of the divisional academic plans, and an overview of the campus' long-term resource strategies:

Planning Resources
A compilation of campus, Universitywide, and non-UC documents on issues such as enrollment planning, graduate education, research, State-supported summer instruction, academic support services is available on line at the following campus site:

Analyses and Next Steps
As cross-cutting issues are identified and additional analyses of the planning submissions are completed, they will be posted here.