Faculty Recruitment

Authorization to Conduct a Ladder Faculty Search

A recruitment authorization form must be completed for any proposed ladder faculty recruitment. A recruitment authorization form, signed by the Campus Provost, must be on file in Academic Human Resources prior to the release of advertisements for any new position. A copy of this form, Request for Authorization to Conduct a Ladder Faculty Search can be downloaded in the "More Resources" section of this page.

Faculty Rosters

Each year a summary of ladder faculty appointments by division in prepared by Planning and Budget.  These reports include listings of new faculty hires, separations, academic administrators, and the distribution of FTE by division (including both filled and unfilled provisions).

More Resources

Current and historical faculty rosters and statistical profiles.

  • Authorization Form

Please contact, Alex Brondarbit (abrondar@ucsc.edu; 9-5347) for a copy of the current draft form.

Faculty recruitment authorization and budget policies (revised December 2012).

The Faculty Recruitment Process Illustrated