UCSC is scheduled for reaffirmation of accreditation in 2004 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Since the last time the campus was accredited in 1994, the review process has been revised considerably. Under the new process, each institution is asked to propose a self-study that is focused on issues germane to its particular mission, stage of development and institutional context. There is considerable leeway in selecting topics, although there must be an emphasis on undergraduate educational effectiveness and demonstration of student learning.

The purpose of WASC’s revised approach to institutional review is to provide institutions with a review cycle more connected to each institution’s context and stage of development, more aligned with institutional priorities, and more focused on educational effectiveness.

Our proposal, which will guide the entire review process, is due in Spring 2002, with an Institutional Capacity review scheduled for Spring 2004 and an Educational Effectiveness review planned in Spring 2005.

The campus WASC Review Steering Committee, co-chaired by Vice Provost & Dean Bill Ladusaw and Academic Senate Vice-Chair Faye Crosby, will develop the educational effectiveness review documents in support of the next visiting team visit.

Guidelines for this process are highlighted in the campus document, (PDF) "Description of the New WASC Accreditation Process" (PDF), and can also be found in their entirety in the  (PDF) 2001 Handbook.