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UC Santa Cruz 2020

“UC Santa Cruz strives to serve California as a top ranked research university and the leading institution for the education of students—fostering a culture of excellence, inquiry, creativity, diversity, and public service in developing solutions to the world’s most critical challenges.”

— George Blumenthal, September 2007

To provide a roadmap that keeps us focused on that vision, the Strategic Academic Plan (February 2008) outlines goals and strategies in three broad areas: research scholarly/creative activity, graduate education, and undergraduate education.

This site brings together the campus's academic planning documents and relevant data/analysis to help inform a campus discussion about our future.  It is part of an effort by campus leadership to ensure that both our long- and short-term efforts are guided by the goals articulated in the academic plan and that our resources are aligned with academic priorities.


"A University for the Next Century"
Chancellor Blumenthal's inaugural address highlights UCSC's distinctiveness as a major teaching and research university and outlines his vision for the campus ... [More]

Strategic Academic Plan
The February 2008 plan lays out choices that UC Santa Cruz must make as it continues to evolve its academic programs. In addition to articulating the principles upon which decisions will be based, it describes six interdisciplinary themes designed to facilitate collaboration between departments and programs ... [More]

Campus Two-Year Goals
The annual goals statement articulates two-year priorities that are aligned with the vision elements of the Strategic Academic Plan and highlights near-term investments and actions to continue the momentum of campus academic programs and to build upon our success ... [More]

Action Plan
The September 2008 plan identifies near-term administrative strategies to advance these goals and sustain our forward momentum within the current available resources ... [More]

Next Steps

UC Accountability Framework presented to The Regents
The annual report called for in the framework will help inform the University's strategic planning, budgeting and performance management, as well as help focus the Regents on the most important policy issues facing the University ... [More]