Policy and Procedures

The Budget Office provides several important information sources detailing UCSC Budget Policies and Procedures.

These resources include:

The Annual Budget Calendar details the budget activities and processes that occur during particular months and times of the year.

This page provides the policy for funding employee benefits, including requirements for participation in the Benefit Pool. 

This page details the funding requirements for staff merit increases through Staff Human Resources Pay for Performance program and collective bargaining salary program implementations.

This publication refines and clarifies the campus's operating budget processes and the principles by which resources are allocated.

This document sets forth guidance to all campus units and fund managers regarding responsible accumulation and management of fiscal year-end balances carried forward to the next fiscal years, to ensure resources are being used in a timely and effective manner.

This page summarizes the process for establishing Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates, including the role of the space survey in this process.

This documentation details the policies and procedures that govern Indirect Cost Recovery. Indirect Cost Recovery Funds are monies received by the university in reimbursement for services rendered in support of grants and contracts. 

This page describes the Masters Incentive Program, a tuition and non-resident tuition revenue-sharing funding model for academic masters programs and academic divisions.

This document provides an overview of interest charges on negative balances. 

This document explains the handling of Short-Term Investment Pool interest earnings.

This document outlines the long standing policy governing the permanent funds retained by the division after faculty turnover. 

These pages provide rate information for UCSC's Composite Benefit Rates (CBR) that will take effect January 1, 2020.