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Student Retention and Graduation Information

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Predicted vs. actual graduation rates at UCSC
In a 2008 study using data from the Higher Education Research Institute, predicted graduation rates were calculated for UCSC students based on gender, ethnicity, and SAT I and high school GPA score ranges. [More]

UC-wide retention and graduation
As part of its annual accountability reporting, UC provides campus-level information about:

     Frosh retention rates
     Transfer retention rates
     Frosh graduation rates
     Transfer graduation rates

Also discussed are goals for and factors that affect undergraduate student success. [More]


Summary retention and graduation reports by entering frosh and junior transfer cohorts with breakdowns by gender, ethnic group, college, and other student characteristics:

Profiles by major for entering frosh and transfers (including graduation rates, degrees awarded, average time-to-degree, and GPA by cohort):


Comprehensive reports describe graduation rates, time-to-degree, and patterns of major migration by entering cohort:

Click here for reports published in previous years.

Student Achievement Measure (SAM) metrics that include students who transfer to and graduate from another institution:

Analytic reports about retention, graduation, and time-to-degree: