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Long Range Development Plan 2005-2020  

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DRAFT Long-Range Development Plan 2005-2020 (January 27, 2005)

Within the University of California system, Long Range Development Plans (LRDPs) are drafted to support the academic goals of individual campuses; they also take into account projected statewide enrollment demand.  Upon their completion, the long-range plans define a building program and a land-use map that serve as a comprehensive planning framework for capital construction, infrastructure, and land-use programs.  LRDPs, however, are not implementation plans and adoption of an LRDP does not constitute a commitment to specific projects, construction schedules, or funding priorities.

available on-line for public review

Overview of the Draft 2005 LRDP
The University of California, Santa Cruz, Long-Range Development Plan 2005-2020 (2005 LRDP) provides a comprehensive framework for the physical development of the UC Santa Cruz campus.  The 2005 LRDP supports UCSC's academic, research, and public service mission while maintaining the campus's strong traditions of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The 2005 LRDP updates and supersedes the 1988 LRDP and plans for development sufficient to accommodate a projected fall-winter-spring on-campus enrollment of 21,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) students.  This is an increase of 6,000 students in fall-winter-spring over the 15,000 enrollment projected in the 1988 LRDP, with associated increases in faculty and staff.  It represents an increase of approximately 6,600 students over the 2003-04 total enrollment.  This projection is based on UC Santa Cruz's aspirations to expand its academic, research, and professional programs and to increase its graduate student enrollment.  It also reflects the projected higher education needs of California’s population.

The 2005 LRDP includes an overview of the context in which it has been prepared, including a discussion of UCSC's academic history and vision; physical setting; planning history; and planning principles.  The Long-Range Development Plan 2005–2020 section of the document articulates a program of development and stewardship, including a land-use plan that meets the needs of proposed campus growth.

Under the 2005 LRDP, UCSC will continue to maintain significant portions of the campus as natural areas and open space.  The plan projects that approximately 65 percent of new development will occur in the already developed portion of the campus through carefully sited infill projects, with the remainder allocated primarily to specified areas to the north of the developed campus.  Sustainability of resources and of the site’s ecological function continues to be a major underlying principle in campus planning, development, and operations.

The 2005 LRDP continues UCSC's development configuration which concentrates academic facilities at the campus center surrounded by the residential colleges, other housing, recreation facilities, and support programs.  The 2005 LRDP allows for over 4,000,000 gross square feet of additional building space to accommodate UCSC’s academic, research, and public service mission as enrollment grows.

The 2005 LRDP promotes a walkable campus by strengthening pedestrian corridors, proposing pedestrian bridges to connect new and existing development, and by identifying locations for new consolidated parking facilities at the perimeter of the academic core.  Improvements to east/west campus circulation between Heller Drive and Coolidge Drive are also identified to reduce the number of private vehicles in the core and promote shuttle and transit ridership.  The 2005 LRDP proposes new circulation improvements, including a road to the north to serve academic and support programs, extension of Meyer Drive, and a new access road from Empire Grade.

The 2020 planning horizon of the 2005 LRDP intentionally matches the horizon of the City of Santa Cruz's new General Plan.  This will allow for better campus-city planning coordination and underscores the interrelatedness of UCSC and the greater community.

Read the Draft 2005 LRDP
The Draft 2005 LRDP is available for viewing at the UC Santa Cruz McHenry Library.  It can also be viewed or downloaded from this web page using the links below (if you having trouble viewing these files in your browser, please visit our download page for instructions on how to transfer these documents to your personal computer):

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Timeline and Process
In compliance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), UCSC is preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for its Long-Range Development Plan 2005-2020.

UC Santa Cruz has prepared an Initial Study Checklist that describes the range of issues that will be addressed in the DEIR to evaluate the environmental effects of growth under the 2005 LRDP.  The 2005 LRDP EIR will be used by the University of California Board of Regents to evaluate the environmental implications of adopting the 2005 LRDP.  Once certified, the EIR will be used to tier subsequent environmental analyses for future UC Santa Cruz development projects.

Public agencies and members of the public are invited to submit written comments on the Initial Study as well as the range of issues to be addressed in the DEIR.  Oral comments will also be received at public scoping meetings scheduled for February 16 and 18, 2005.

The campus has selected URS, a California firm with extensive global experience in environmental issues, to assist it with its environmental impact assessment.  Design professionals from Cooper, Robertson, & Partners helped with the development of the Draft 2005 LRDP.

Contacting the Committee
Questions and comments can be directed to the LRDP Committee by posting a comment or by sending email to lrdp-admin@ucsc.edu.  To subscribe to the LRDP email notification list, include .LRDP subscribe. in the subject of an email message.  Comments received by the LRDP Committee will be posted on this site.



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