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Exhibit N:  Undergraduate Academic Advising—Analysis and Recommendations

In this component of the campus's educational effectiveness review, academic advising at UC Santa Cruz is set in the larger context the history of academic advising in American universities, some of the issues about the effectiveness and efficiency of UC Santa Cruz's current advising program are described, and steps to improve it within available resources are set forth.

In particular, this essay describes the current academic advising system at UC Santa Cruz, relating it to the functional components of academic advising in American higher education, and briefly compares it to models at other UC campuses. A discussion of issues of effectiveness and efficiency (concentrating on campus-wide coordination of the advising effort, the anticipated effects of the implementation of the new campus Academic Information System (AIS), and the complementary roles of faculty and staff) sets the stage for suggested steps by which UC Santa Cruz can improve its advising processes.


Academic Advising at UC Santa Cruz—the Undergraduate Academic Advising Improvement Project

Advising initiatives—steps taken to refine and improve advising practices
C. Results of the 2003 UCSC Graduation Survey related to advising




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