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 2000-2004 WASC Accreditation  

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Exhibit I:  Surveys of Undergraduate Student Engagement

UC Santa Cruz participated in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) in 2000 and 2001.  In 2002 and 2003, the campus joined the other UC campuses in the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)—a component of the larger Student Experiences in the Research University – 21st Century (SERU21) collaborative project.

This exhibit provides summaries and commentary on the UC Santa Cruz data that was compiled from these surveys.

NSSE (2000, 2001)
:  NSSE calculates institutional scores for five “Benchmarks of Educational Effectiveness” and provides comparisons between UCSC’s raw scores and three comparison averages:

  • all institutions participating in the NSSE of that year,
  • NSSE institutions in UCSC’s Carnegie Classification of Research-Intensive, and
  • predicted scores for UCSC based upon characteristics of the institution and the student body.

Summary of UC Santa Cruz NSSE educational effectiveness benchmark scores for 2000 and 2001

Overview of NSSE 2000 and the UC Santa Cruz findings (a report prepared by UC Santa Cruz Institutional Research, Spring 2001)

UC Santa Cruz scores for each NSSE 2001 question

UCUES (2002, 2003):  The University of California Undergraduate Experiences Survey (UCUES) provides data about undergraduate student experiences within UC.  In interpreting these data, we compare UCSC’s scores to the UC average scores.


Full UCUES 2003 data set for UC Santa Cruz
1. Educational Objectives: Importance and Progress
2. Allocation of Time to Academic and Other Activities
3. Academic Effort and Distractions
4. Active Learning and Collaboration
5. Faculty Contact, Communication, and Advising
6. Research and Creative Projects: Importance and Engagement
7. Access to Courses and Academic Programs
8. On-Line Resources for Instruction
9. Quality of Instruction and Overall Undergraduate Experience
10. Student Services: Awareness and Need / Use and Satisfaction
11. Campus Climate: Diversity, Respect, and Sense of Attachment
12. Co-Curricular Activities and Political Participation
13. Selected Background Characteristics and Degree Objective
  Open End Items and Lists

Focused studies based upon a re-analysis of the raw UCUES 2003 data:
1. The UCSC undergraduate research experience




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