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 2000-2004 WASC Accreditation  

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Exhibit Q:  Proposed Timeline and Milestones Associated with Graduate Program Effectiveness Research

Designed to assess progress toward the campus's dual objectives of expanding the number of graduate students while enhancing quality, the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies has set out what the WASC Steering Committee believes is a realistic three-year agenda of improved graduate educational effectiveness assessment and institutional research.  These analyses will address three aspects of the graduate experience: the outreach, recruitment, and admissions process; the quality of the graduate experience; and jobs and careers.

Fall 2004
  • Develop pilot studies on graduate life and graduate quality
  • Select initial departments for interviews by 9/30/04
  • Establish list of questions for interviews by 9/30/04
  • Conduct interviews with those grad reps by 11/15/04
  • Identify possible working model(s) by 12/1/04
  • Consultation with Graduate Council
Winter and spring 2005
  • Introduce data collection model and requirements to all graduate program representatives
  • Require data collection to begin for the Fall 2005 entering cohort of graduate students
Fall 2006
  • All departments should have one complete year of data
  • Graduate Division should provide analysis
  • Review with Graduate Council the appropriateness of the data set
  • Fix standard data set and data collection processes for on-going analysis
Fall 2007 and beyond
  • Develop standard data set for each entering cohort
  • Provide summary and trend analysis to programs and Graduate Council




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