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 2000-2004 WASC Accreditation  

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Exhibit J:  Undergraduate Field Studies and Internships—Analysis and Recommendations

The WASC subcommittee that evaluated research and internships opportunities at UC Santa Cruz, observed that there is now an extensive literature demonstrating the positive impact of academic internships and research opportunities for undergraduates. Students who participate in these activities have higher retention and graduation rates than those who do not. Internships and research opportunities help students make informed choices about graduate school, professional school, and careers as well as better preparing them to succeed in all of these areas of endeavor. Additionally, studies indicate that undergraduate research and internships increase self-confidence and self-esteem for students who participate in such activities and these students have a higher level of satisfaction with their undergraduate experience as a whole.

In addition, undergraduate students who participate in academic internships and research bring “real world” experience into the classroom, which improves the level of their participation in seminar discussions, their commitment to the learning environment and leads to improved grades. More subjective reports from faculty in several studies indicate that students who have undertaken focused research or internships bring their experience into classroom in a way that makes discussions more interesting to the other students and the faculty members themselves.

Research and Internship Opportunities at UCSC [pdf]
As part of this educational effectiveness analysis of field research and internship opportunities for undergraduates at UC Santa Cruz, the subcommittee compiled an inventory by discipline.

General research and internship opportunities available to all undergraduates

Research and internship opportunities for undergraduates in science and engineering

Research and internship opportunities for undergraduates in the humanities
D. Research and internship opportunities for undergraduates in the arts
E. Research and internship opportunities for undergraduates in the social sciences
F. Results of the 2003 UCSC Graduation Survey related to research experiences




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