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 2000-2004 WASC Accreditation  

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Exhibit L:  Capstone/Senior Exit Requirements—Analysis and Recommendations

During 2003-04, the Academic Senate Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) reviewed the educational effectiveness of the campus's senior comprehensive requirements (for undergraduate degree programs).  The committee concluded that course-based capstone requirements, integrated with the curriculum, (i) are strongly valued by students and faculty and (ii) are superior to comprehensive examinations as an implementation of the senior exit requirement.

The full Senate report (including the Senate letter to departments requesting evaluative comments), an inventory of the undergraduate senior exit requirement by major, and a summary of student opinions about the comprehensive/senior exit requirement are linked below.


Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) report to the UCSC Academic Senate, "Report on the Comprehensive/Senior Exit Requirement", June 17, 2004

Inventory of senior exit requirements (by department and undergraduate major) for the 2003-04 Academic Year, January 27, 2004

Letter from CEP to department chairs requesting evaluative comments about the effectiveness of the senior exit requirement as a learning experience, February 27, 2004
D. Summary of the results of a spring 2003 survey of graduating seniors about how they satisfied their comprehensive/senior exit requirement and whether it was a useful learning experience




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