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 2000-2004 WASC Accreditation  

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Response to Previous WASC Accreditation

WASC Ten-Year Accreditation (1994)

  • Campus Self-Study (March 1994)
    • Website [html]
    • Printed Report [pdf] and Appendices [pdf]
  • Report of the WASC Evaluation Team (August, 1994)   [pdf]

    In their final report, the WASC Evaluation Team urged the campus to invest greater attention in four broad thematic areas and made 37 specific recommendations for campus action with respect to undergraduate and graduate education, research and creative activity, and diversity.  These are listed below:
  • Four Broad Themes
  1. Orientation of new Faculty, Students, and Staff
  2. Decentralization of Financial Resources
  3. Adjustment of Committee Loads
  4. Developing a Sense of Community
  • Undergraduate Education
  1. Class Size
  2. Relative Priority of Teaching, Research, and Service
  3. Assessment of Teaching
  4. Center for Teaching Excellence
  5. Faculty and Graduate Student Orientation
  6. Co-curricular and Extracurricular Interactions
  7. Enhancing Teaching
  8. Learning Outside the Classroom
  9. Flexibility in Faculty Evaluations
  10. The Narrative Evaluation System
  11. The Colleges
  12. Academic Advising
  • Graduate Education
  1. Consistency of Graduate Allocations and Workloads
  2. Advocacy for Graduate Student Needs
  3. Multi-year Financial Packages for Graduate Students
  4. Appeal Procedures for Graduate Students
  5. Graduate Center
  6. New Doctoral Programs
  7. Cooperative Doctoral Programs
  • Research and Creative Activity
  1. Extramural Fellowship Funds
  2. Research Needs of Young Faculty
  3. Information on Institutional Support
  4. Research Allocations to the Divisions
  5. Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Diversity
  1. Communication Regarding Diversity
  2. Outreach Programs
  3. Critical Mass and Underrepresented Groups
  4. Support Services for Underrepresented Groups
  5. Communities on Campus
  6. Diversity Goals
  7. Fellowship Support for Minority Graduate Students
  8. Diversity Training for Teaching Assistants
  9. Mentoring for Minority Graduate Students
  10. Staff Development
  11. Commitment to Faculty Diversity
  12. Affirmative Action Plan
  13. Retention of Minority Faculty
  • Action by the WASC Commission (November 1994)   [pdf]

    The Commission acted to reaffirm the accreditation of the University and asked for a fourth-year report on the major recommendations of the visiting team.

Fourth-Year Report (1998)

  • Campus Report (August 1998)   [html, pdf]
  • Response of the WASC Interim Report Committee (November 1998)   [pdf]

    The Commission received the campus' fourth-year report and commended the University on its careful attention to all of the 37 recommendations made by the visiting team.

Retrospective on the 1994 WASC Recommendations  (2002)

  • Campus progress since 1994 (submitted as part of the campus' Institutional Proposal)   [pdf]




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