Vacation Leave Accrual (VLA)

Vacation accrual is a method by which units or grants are charged for vacation hours as they are earned.  This method often results in savings to the unit or grant because often employees use their vacation time later, likely at a higher salary rate.    With the adoption of UC Path, the methodology for charging units and grants changes.  There are three rates that apply based employee classification.  With each pay period the relevant rate (%) will be calculated on gross salary and charged to the unit or grant as a benefit expense, even after the employee is at their vacation maximum. 

VLA is a federally compliant assessment.

Another change with UC Path adoption is that terminal vacation will no longer be charged to units based on separated employees with permanent FTE on Core Funds.  Only VLA will be charged to units.

Below are the Vacation Leave Accrual rates for FY2019-20 effective December/January once UCpath goes live:

Non-Accruing Faculty and Staff 0%
Accruing Faculty 8%
Accruing Staff & Non-Faculty Academics  8%

Frequently Asked Questions

If an employee  in our department reaches their maximum vacation accrual. Will we still be charged VLA?

Yes, VLA will continue even if an employee reaches the maximum accrued hours.

My department is paying VLA each month. If an employee chooses to take their vacation after they receive a salary increase will I be charged for the difference when they take their vaction?

No, VLA is the only financial obligation to the unit.   However, when the employees salary increase becomes effective the amount paid for VLA will increase, because it is charged to a unit based on % of gross salary.

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