Block Allocation for Staff Salary Increases

In years that campus merit-based salary increases are available through the Staff Human Resources "Pay for Performance" program, a single block allocation is provided to each division for increased staffing costs per the terms described below.

The amount of the block allocation is calculated based on certain Core Funded permanently budgeted filled positions, as reflected in the most recently approved July 1st staffing list, reduced for recent separations and job changes.  For the block allocation, one-time funding is pro-rated for the current year based on the effective date of the salary program, and permanent funding is provided for future years.

The specific Core Funds are those defined in the Employee Benefit Contributions Guideline for establishing permanent FTE.  Currently, the fund codes include:

  • 19900  General State Funds
  • 19917  Information Technology
  • 19924  Student Academic Preparation
  • 19942  Non-resident Supplemental Tuition*
  • 20000  Student Services Fee
  • 20095  Tuition
  • 20360  Student Programs Fee (M7)
  • 66043  Information User
  • 66051  Consolidated Business Services (BTP)
  • 69750  Federal C&G Overhead
  • 69900  Unrestricted (from Interest)

Salary adjustments for staff employees in recharge areas are to be funded from recharge income.  In cases where recharge activity occurs on the defined Core Funds, block allocations are adjusted since the unit must fund recharge-related salary costs. 

In areas where units have created negative permanent budgets, the block allocation is reduced to reflect salary costs for which the unit is responsible, recognizing that a portion of the staff is essentially funded using one-time funds.

Funding is NOT provided for staff paid on one-time or temporary funds, or for vacant staff positions.  However, it is the units responsibility to ensure provisions remain within salary ranges and on step.

Consistent with University practice, salary programs apply to eligible staff across all fund sources.  For all other funds not addressed above, units will need to reallocate funding internally in order to provide the salary increases.


*Allocation models based on percent of revenue do not result in additional block allocations.