Chart of Accounts


A detailed description of the Chart of Accounts is available in the UCSC FIS Training Manual: Chart of Accounts. You can view or download lists of the chart codes below.

Complete Chart of Accounts hierarchies may be viewed or downloaded using InfoView Corporate Reports. Click below for samples of available Chart of Accounts related reports:

  • Organization Code Hierarchy
  • Fund Code Hierarchy
  • Account Code Hierarchy

View or download a formatted list of the Unit Alpha Codes

The campus organization codes are maintained by the Budget Office; to request changes

  • Please send a completed and approved Request for Additions and Changes to Chart of Accounts Form [PDF, Excel] to Lucy van Doorn, 3rd floor Kerr Hall or x9-2619 (FAX).

If you would like assistance in making changes to your organizational hierarchy, please contact Lucy van Doorn at x9-3355 or

More Resources

Corporate Account Fund Profile (CAF)
UCOP repository of account, fund, title, and attribute information for financial reporting purposes. [More]