Examples of rubrics for evaluating student work


Rubrics can be used for evaluating essays, research reports, senior theses, works of art, oral presentations, video clips, collaborative work, recitals, dissertations, QE, etc. Below are some examples of nationally-developed analytic rubrics to evaluate key skills of importance at UC Santa Cruz such as PLOs for written and oral communication, critical thinking skills, information literacy, and quantitative reasoning.

The rubrics illustrate how relevant traits can be described and assessed at four levels of faculty expectations for student performance. As such, the examples can help faculty develop their own rubrics aligned with their programmatic PLO statements and the signature assignments they have selected as a basis of PLO assessment.

Example templates

Templates are provided in spreadsheet format so faculty can easily adapt them for their own purposes.

Undergraduate rubrics

Graduate rubrics

Online rubric tools

Two example rubrics are also accompanied by an on-line data collection tool and sample results. Please contact Anna Sher to discuss the use of this tool and how it can be adapted to your rubrics.