Economic Impact & Contributions

UCSC generates $1.2B in economic activity for the Monterey Bay Area
The bottom line:  UCSC spending during 2009-10 was responsible for $1.2 billion in economic activity within the Monterey Bay Area—an economic catalyst that supported over 15,750 jobs for area residents. 

That's the conclusion of a new study prepared by Economic & Planning Systems, Inc.  The campus report is organized into three parts:  a findings overview; "did you know"—examples of how UCSC students, faculty, and staff contribute to the local region; and a discussion of report methodology.

More info about the UC-wide study of 2009-10 expenditures is available here.

The University of California system generates $46.3B in economic activity for California

The University of California is a key economic catalyst for the state, generating $46.3 billion in annual economic activity for California and contributing $32.8 billion toward California's gross state product through direct spending and multiplier effects, according to an economic impact report released in September 2011.

Read the UCSC 2004-05 report

The 2004-05 economic contributions report, as well as a companion piece, is available for viewing at campus libraries or can be accessed online.

  • (PDF) Economic Contributions to the Santa Cruz Region (April 2006).  An overview of how 2004-05 expenditures by the UC Santa Cruz campus and its employees and students have contributed to the economic health of the regional economy.

  • (PDF) Beyond Economic Contributions (April 2006).  An overview of how the students, faculty, staff, and graduates of the UC Santa Cruz campus contribute to the vitality of the region.