Who to Contact

Type of inquiry


Academic Planning

see Academic Affairs site

Allocation of budget

Jackie Brummett

Budget policy questions

Alex McCafferty

Budget process and timing

Alex McCafferty

Central funding commitments - academic divisions (including faculty start-up) Oliver Spires

Central funding commitments - non-academic divisions

Paul Scalisi

Chart of Accounts

(creating/editing org codes)


Course materials fees

Lisa Bishop

FMW budget and staffing information system

Troy Lawson or see DataMgmt site

Indirect Cost Rate

Troy Lawson

InfoView reporting or training

see DataMgmt site

Institutional data for planning

see IRAPS site

Interlocation Transfers of Funds (ITFs)

Miscellaneous fees

Lisa Bishop

Permanent budget or staffing list

Troy Lawson

Plant maintenance or capital project budget

Crystal Pan

Recharge rates

Sarah Jane Casciato

Salary program funding - academic positions (includes range, merit, A7/ASE contracts)

Oliver Spires

Salary program funding - staff positions (includes contracted and policy-covered systemwide wage implementations)

Porfirio Buendia

Short Term Investment Pool (STIP)

Paul Scalisi

Student fees

Lisa Bishop

Training classes

Jackie Brummett

Transfers of Funds FIS certification (XTOF) and cross program transfers

Susan Kocher

NOT SURE who to contact?