Job Creation

Generating jobs on campus and beyond
Providing stable employment and top-quality benefits to families of campus employees and generating jobs, both directly and indirectly, that are buffered more than most from economic downturns…


UC Santa Cruz employed approximately 4,500 full-time equivalent faculty and staff in 2004-05. As the largest employer in Santa Cruz County, it is significant to note that campus employment is somewhat buffered from downturns in the local economy, as most of the jobs are funded from revenue sources outside Santa Cruz County that are not market dependent. Equally important, the local jobs it generates are buffered more than most from economic downturns.

UC Santa Cruz also plays a role in keeping Santa Cruz a step ahead. Its graduates continually refresh the County's supply of highly talented workers and business innovators. And, as a world-class research university, it draws the best in the nation who, in turn, contribute to the local area as a center for innovation. From high-tech and basic science to the arts, social sciences, and humanities, the campus's research, faculty, and alumni supply the people-power and the brain-power that helps make Santa Cruz County thrive.

Over 64,000 alumni have graduated from UC Santa Cruz since its opening in 1965. UCSC alumni have built many local businesses and many of the innovative and uniquely Santa Cruz enterprises—from the National Marine Sanctuary and Visitor's Center to the founding of New Leaf Community Markets—have their roots in the talents of UCSC graduates.

Furthermore, to foster local and regional economic development, UC Santa Cruz has taken a leadership role in creating partnerships with government, business, and scientists throughout northern California. Initiatives such as the proposed technology transfer center at 2300 Delaware, the Monterey Bay Education, Science, and Technology Center (MBEST), and the Silicon Valley Initiative have the potential to foster the creation of local and regional businesses and jobs, expanding the economic base of the region.

Summary of economic and employment benefits

The University generated approximately $960 million in economic activity within Santa Cruz County during 2004-05. This economic activity created 9,565 additional local jobs. Including the 3,850 university employees living in Santa Cruz County, an estimated 13,415 jobs in the region can be attributed to UCSC.

UC Santa Cruz 2004-05 Economic Contribution to Santa Cruz County


Direct Spending

Total Economic


University operations spending $108,000,000      $201,000,000      2,335     
Capital project spending 40,000,000   70,000,000   535  
Faculty & staff compensation 292,000,000   426,000,000   8,290  
Student spending 145,000,000   225,000,000   1,730  
Visitor spending 23,000,000   38,000,000   525  
Total Economic Activity $608,000,000   $960,000,000   13,415