CARES Act Institutional Awards

As part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, UCSC received two federal awards totaling $11,160,799 to assist with the expenses associated with the transition to distance education in response to the impact of COVID-19. (Note: These two grants are in addition to the separate Emergency Financial Aid award, see disclosure.)

Per the terms of the awards, expenses are required to be incurred within the dates noted below:

  • Institutional Award #P425F201149: 3/13/2020 through 5/4/2021  $9,663,600
  • Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Award #P436L200386 and #P425L200386: 3/13/2020 through 6/9/2021  $1,509,387

Spending Decisions Process

Two rounds of calls for funding proposals were issued to campus divisions. Over 300 proposal lines were reviewed to determine eligibility within CARES Act funding guidance, federal costing rules, federal award Uniform Guidance, and compliance with UC and UCSC financial policies and practices.  In order to be considered, overhead costs or costs in support of normal day-to-day operations of the campus were excluded from the proposals.

See categories of initial spending decisions

 Reporting of Expenditures

In compliance with the federal reporting requirements of the grants, total expenses incurred within each quarter are published below.  New reports are posted within 10 days of the end of each fiscal quarter.


Initial quarterly report of all expenses incurred through 09/30/2020

Revised quarterly report of all expenses incurred through 09/30/2020 (updated to include MSI supplemental award)

Quarterly report of expenses from 10/01/2020 through 12/31/2020

Quarterly report of expenses from 01/01/2021 through 03/31/2021

Quarterly report of expenses from 04/01/2021 through grant end date  (to be published by 07/10/2021)