Non-Rep Equity Mitigation for Extramural Awards

On November 30, 2021, Staff Human Resources announced a three-year compensation equity program for non-represented staff.

For existing extramural contracts or grants, Principal Investigators, through their division, may request central cost-share dollars to help defray costs of resulting salary and benefit cost increases the specific contract or grant budget cannot accommodate or the overall activity/program cannot accommodate. Funding availability would be for up to three years from February 1 of the year of the salary increase, or the expiration of the contract or grant, whichever comes first. New extramural awards that become active, for which the proposal and budget has already been submitted to the granting agency, also qualify for this central cost share opportunity.

Given this funding timeline, the application period for this initiative will be open/recurring through FY2025.

To apply for central cost-share dollars for increases from the FY22 equity program, complete and submit the FY22 Mitigation Request Worksheet (Excel). To apply for central cost-share dollars for increases from the FY23 equity program, complete and submit the FY23 Mitigation Request Worksheet (Excel). To apply for central cost-share dollars for increases from the FY24 equity program, complete and submit the FY24 Mitigation Request Worksheet (Excel).

This worksheet should be completed for each Sponsored award and included with a copy of the award document and relevant budget pages.

  • Details regarding the award (name, department, start & end date, etc) must be completed in the first portion of the application.
  • For the appropriate benefits rate calculation, select the appropriate type of award in the drop-down menu beginning in cell J9.
  • After the award type is selected, the increased salary and benefits will automatically calculate once employee details are entered.

For your request to be considered, all documents must be received by Budget Analysis & Planning (  Decisions on which requests will be funded will be communicated to the Research Accountant or Assistant Dean (whoever is identified on the form) shortly after the submission.

Should you or your staff have any questions, feel free to contact Budget Analysis & Planning (