Chart of Accounts


The FIS Banner Chart of Accounts (COA) is the list of codes used for classifying, recording, and reporting financial information. A detailed description of the Chart of Accounts is available in the UCSC FIS Training Manual: Chart of Accounts.

The campus organization codes (i.e., "orgs") are maintained by the Budget Office.

Chart of Accounts

Complete Chart of Accounts tables available from several sources:

  • InfoView, the UCSC Campus Data Warehouse has complete Chart of Accounts Corporate Reports for viewing or downloading. To see a report sample from this source, click on the following links:
  • The Budget Office maintains a list of Unit Alpha Codes. These codes are two-characters, specific to campus units. Their purpose is to promote uniformity when creating Activity Codes and when entering TOF document references in FIS and BSL journals in FMW. If you have questions about Unit Alpha Codes or would like to request a new Unit Alpha Code for your unit, please contact
  • UCOP provides a repository of account, fund, title and attribute information for reporting services


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