Financial Deficit Policy

UC Santa Cruz receives financial support from a number of external stakeholders and has a stewardship responsibility to its students; federal, state and private funding agencies; donors; and the public. That stewardship includes prudent financial management of resources entrusted to the University and the responsibility for effective fiscal management.

As such, all units are to meet operating needs within their overall available budgets or revenue sources. All deficits that arise or are projected to arise in UC Santa Cruz current-year funds should be cleared throughout the fiscal year and must be cleared by the close of the fiscal year.

The campus's financial deficit policy (below) sets forth requirements for local actions to be taken to prevent or resolve deficits.

Financial Deficit Policy (PDF) — policy statement and procedural considerations.

Suggested format for Deficit Resolution Plan (Word) — units may use any reasonable format for producing a written deficit resolution document so long as the content includes accurate financial balances, a clearly defined and measurable corrective course of action, a timeline for resolution, and active monitoring requirements.