Miscellaneous & Course Fee Advisory Committee

The Miscellaneous & Course Fee Advisory Committee reviews miscellaneous fees, service charges, fines and course fees and deposits, and other miscellaneous fees that are charged to students, faculty, or staff for services.

The committee is charged to:

  • Develop procedures for the periodic review and re-establishment of fees.
  • Communicate campus procedures for the development and submittal of the fee proposals to initiate new fees and adjustments to existing fees. This includes:
    • Annual reporting requirements; and
    • Moderate and gradual fee increases.
  • Review the Miscellaneous Fee and Course Fee proposals, including adjustments to existing fees. This includes:
    • Review the need for a fee, and the basis for the fee level. Fees may only include those costs that are allowable and appropriate, according to UCOP and campus policy.
    • Evaluate the potential impact on students, faculty, and staff. This includes financial impact, and whether fees will impede student access to courses needed for graduation.
    • Is there a reasonable relationship between the fee and its purpose? Is the fee applied consistently and appropriately?
  • Make recommendations to the Chancellor for the approval, approval with reservations, or disapproval of Miscellaneous Fees and Course Fees. The Committee may also recommend that a fee proposal be returned to the initiator with suggestions for consideration.

Membership includes representatives from:

  • Academic Divisions
  • Academic Senate Committee on Planning and Budget
  • Budget Analysis and Planning
  • Chancellor's Office
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Student Fee Advisory Committee
  • Student Success
  • Vice Provost And Dean of Undergraduate Education

Other office reviews: Labor Relations Office (if applicable)

Rate approval: Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Chancellor for final approval.

All rates must have the concurrence of the appropriate vice chancellor or dean before they are submitted to the Miscellaneous & Course Fee Advisory Committee for review.